Average Mechanic Salary in United States (2019)

Average Mechanic Salary in United States (2019) Wanting a career as an automotive technician is a noble choice. Within that, comes the obvious question of how much will I make per year?; Well, that depends on what state you are currently residing in as the cost of living changes from area to area.

In California, you can be paid on average $48,720 or $23.43 an hour. Of course, those living in a smaller state such as Iowa are going to garner a tech $41,360 or $19.89 an hour. Going further east, we can see New York salary range is $44,350 and $21.32 per hour.

Looking across the nation, there are five states that stand out in getting a high-quality salary. Maryland is your best bet in terms of being paid and finding a job. There the employment level is approximately 12,000 jobs, but pay $50,050 yearly. Maryland also has a high location quotient among the highest paid states.

The quotient is a representative of the ratio of the area employment to the national average. Anything larger than one will show that there is a higher share of employment than what is indicative of the nation. Anything less than one shows it is lesser than the national average.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports, automotive technicians earn a median annual salary of $43,730 as of 2018. The best bet is to find a job with a dealership because according to the BLS dealers pay on average of $42,360. Research and ask how you will be paid, as methods differ. Some dealerships pay by the hour, some bi-weekly, others receive a salary, while some pay according to services rendered.

Another option is a diesel mechanic. You will be working on heavy vehicles and mobile equipment, as they are key components to industrial activities, such as construction, farm equipment, cranes, bulldozers, and railroad transportation. These vehicles allow workers to haul, till, dig, and lift for development and construction. When these machines break down the diesel mechanic is called upon to fix what is ailing it.

These technicians repair hydraulics, transmissions, and electrical hardware. They take responsibility for the performance and safety of brakes and other like equipment. To do this diesel mechanics use diagnostic computers and other similar systems to identify the problem. These include anything from power, machine, and hand tools.

Looking at what diesel mechanics make, the median salary was $46,360 in 2017. This equates to $22.29 per hour. For heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians, the median annual wage was $49,440 in May 2017. Looking at the lower half of the spectrum diesel truck mechanics earn less than $31,450 while the upper end of the occupation can bring home $74,200 according to BLS.

Looking across the nation the five states that show where the highest diesel mechanics are paid. As you can see, Alaska has the highest location quotient of 1.17 and they make the highest annual mean with $66,280 or $31.87 per hour. Massachusetts and Connecticut are even in their location quotient. However, Massachusetts hires more individuals 4,650 to 2,150.

Do not diminish the idea of an education needed in this field. A high school education is required for the field in the majority of areas across the United States. All high school students interested in the automotive technician field should look into the vocational programs that their school may offer.

Also, choosing a two-year program or college degree can up your pay and increase your chances of getting a job. Focus on being certified in automotive systems technology. Also, do not forget about other avenues such as earning an ASE or dealer certificate. By doing so, you not only increase the opportunity to be hired, but enhanced pay as well.

Think of it in this way. The more training a person can receive the more an individual will be in demand. The hiring teams want to pay more for those that have a specialization that requires in-depth training and comprehension level.